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When we started MP Computers 'Port Talbot' Ltd in July 2004 our main aim was to provide a place where you could buy your products at a sensible price and get the service that a customer deserves.

We will only sell you what is needed, and that seems to have earned the trust of our loyal customers.

One thing we have always said is that we are not the cheapest in the UK but normally one of the cheapest in Wales.

When your buying a PC / Laptop it's very easy to get preoccupied with cost . . . . . we normally average about 5/15% more than your local supermarket but more than make up in terms of the product that is recieved.

Normally a new PC / Laptop bought elseware would take up to 15mins to get to the actual desktop screen after answering numerous questions on installation screen's.

We actually format / wipe clean a brand new PC / Laptop straight out of the box without the dreaded bloat that comes pre-installed, our machines are typically 35% faster that the same machine bought elseware.

Typically a big manufacturer of PC's will make one PC, install the operating system and software then make a batch of PC's .

The Operating System and software will then be cloaned onto the hard drive of all those 400 systems. How do they know the sound works on all 400, or they haven't got the odd duff memory stick or hard drive fault.

We continually get repairs from customers saying that their PC has 'never been quite right since they had it'.

Every system we build we test every component we can, we benchmark every system to make sure the performance is there.

We do have a large website and if we stocked all that was on our website we would need a shop bigger than PC W.....

We tend to stock the core parts that most people need but we can get most products next day if we havent got an equivalent of what you need in stock.

We are going to be expanding within the next year as we have had plans aprroved for building a new workshop and office were we will be doing Laptop component level repairs in-house IE power sockets and screens, professional reflow services on mainboards on PC's, Laptops and games consoles.

As well as new building we will have a dedicated website for Ink/Toner Cartridges and will be doing IT support for home users and business users that we have been asked to do on so many occasions in the past.

Please feel free to email us with any suggestions that can help us improve our service's: